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Religious Beliefs Survey Results

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Hope 4 The Future team members visited visited homes in St Mary Cray and St Paul’s Cray during our week of Community Activities, 5th-13th April 2014, with a door-to-door religious beliefs survey. The questionnaire contained just five questions but gives a fair idea of what people in our community believe about God, Jesus and what happens after we die.

Approximately 230 surveys were completed and an analysis of the responses is included below.

Question 1    What do you believe about God:

 Distant                       8%

 A personal God          41%

 A force                     11%

 Non-existent             15%

 Other                       25%

Question 2   What do you believe happens at the end of our lives:

 We die and that's it                                                                13%

 We come back to earth in another form or as another person    18%

 We all go to heaven                                                               11%

 Some people go to heaven, some to hell                                  30%

 Not sure                                                                                15%

 Something else                                                                      13%

Question 3   What do you believe about Jesus:

 He didn't exist at all                                       5%

 He was just a man                                       17%

 He was a prophet or messenger from God     22%

 He was God's only Son                                 43%

 Other                                                         13%

Question 4   If you could ask God one question, what would it be:

 Why don't you show yourself, so that everyone believes?         6%

 Why am I on earth?                                                           14%

 Why is there so much suffering in the world?                       42%

 Why did you make the world in the first place?                     14%

 Something else                                                                 24%

Question 4   What do you think happened to Jesus at Easter:

 He didn't die - someone took his place          1%

 He did die - someone stole the body           13%

 It is just a story                                        17%

 He did die and rise again                           58%

 Something else                                         11%

Question 5   Would you be interested in knowing God personally:

 No                                  13%

 Yes                                 65%

 Not sure                          21%

 Some other response         1%